Better Bidding Judgement

This hand from a recent game at Sky Bridge Club was the subject of some interesting discussions on better bidding judgement at bridge.

bridge example hand

Quite a few players ended up in 4♠ which proved too hard for most declarers when trumps broke badly. Some of those players felt they must have bid incorrectly to get to 4♠ but it's really not a bad contract.

Often it's a bad trump break that wrecks your chances not bad bidding. Besides, every time you use your own judgement, your judgement will improve. Consistently bidding too high, you wind down your bid-o-meter, ever so slightly. Missing too many games, you wind up your bid-o-meter.

You're not just trying to bid to the right contract on every hand ( you won't ) , you’re trying to improve your judgment on every hand, too. That’s a never ending journey!

Recently I've been finding I bid too high when I only have 2 card support. I'm aware of it and I'm winding things down there. And with 5332 hands I’ve been bidding too many games. Winding down the dial there, too.

But I'm not bidding high enough with 6421 shapes. Seems a four card side suit along with 6 trumps is really valuable.

You see, I'm learning and adjusting all the time, too. No hand going down or missing game is ever a waste if you’re looking at it as improving your judgment. It's only a waste if you think you bid 'wrong'.