Specialising in the development of bridge games and supporting software.

Play bridge online

Our popular online bridge game is Sky Bridge Club.

Play bridge against computer

Bridge Online Ltd was established by Graeme Tuffnell and Tina McVeigh in 1999. The earliest versions of the game were focussed on learning bridge and available as CDs. There's still a strong emphasis on learning at Sky Bridge Club but the CDs are gone! Everything is online now so there's nothing to download or install.

Practice bridge with your partner

Play and practice bridge with your partner against the computer or make up a full table at bridge2go.com.

Bridge on your ipad, tablet or phone

We started developing bridge for mobile phones too soon. The software worked ok but in 2003 nobody really wanted to play bridge on their phone. In those days phones were phones. Now there are many players using tablets and phones to play.

Less software, more bridge

The early versions of the online game used flash which for a while was a very popular programming language for web developers. It was software that was fairly easy to use which was great for us because web developers we were not! But using flash allowed us to get the game online and we were one of the first sites to offer bridge right there in your browser, no downloads required.

Just as we were one of the first bridge sites to use flash, we were one of the first to move away from it because it was just too hard to get it working on mobile devices. It gave us a good start but we're happy to be using more standard development tools now. Still, we're bridge players first not computer nerds.

Bridge is hard!

We make improvements to the game code regularly and it's getting pretty good now. It's been a long time since the computer raised partner's 7NT to 8NT but as anyone who has played bridge will tell you, there's a lot to learn in this game and it's a tough game for players and computers.

Bridge is easy!

The one thing that causes more bad scores than anything else in this game is over-complicated bidding. All those gadgets and conventions don't help. We think you can learn bridge online if you keep it simple. Bridge is easy. Enjoy!

Bridge Score Calculator

Use our score calculator and learn how to score at bridge.


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