Play and learn bridge online

Bridge online is a simple, friendly place to play and learn bridge. There is nothing to install so you can be playing bridge on your computer in just a few moments. The 7-day free trial offers access to all features of the game. Membership is US$7 per month and you can cancel at any time.

Play Bridge

We believe that doing the simple things well is the surest path to an enjoyable and successful bridge partnership as well as being the best way to learn. Basic bidding is best for humans - and computers! - , but it's nice to know that if you do make a mistake then your computer partner won't mind.
Choose the 'Practice' option to play and replay hands on your own. Compare scores with other players with 'Compete' and check your recent progress or get the bigger picture with the weekly and ladder results.

Learn Bridge

'Play with tips' hands have an expert running commentary for each bid and card played so you can practice as if you had your own teacher sitting over your shoulder. There are videos and tutorials in the learn section for Standard or Acol bidding and card play.

Ask a bridge question

Have you ever played a hand and then wondered whether or not you could have done better? 'Ask a question' lets you submit the last hand you played for others to look at and offer help. It's also a good place to ask any sort of bridge question and a great way to learn.